Please note we have a new format that we think will be more use-friendly. The table below contains all of the same information as our old calendar but also allows for sorting and filtering. The default view is in chronological order, much like the old calendar.  To "clear filters" for a fresh view, click on the 3 dots on the top right corner of the table.  Click on "To View Posting & Register" button for the full posting with address information, registration link and facilitator contact information.  Summer PLO postings are now available for registration but confirmations for all summer offerings will be subject to final release of our budget. Registrants will receive confirmation at least one week before the event. Links to the Central PL Offerings are listed below the table. CIPL has lots of content offerings which are all first come first serve so register soon. We enthusiastically recommend the STEM Institute and the middle school workshops in AIS and Writing to Transform. 

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SEARCH or FILTER for events - i.e., enter "SITC" in the text box on the far left for summer school teacher training; or "forum" for Planning Forum. Questions about SITC should be directed to your site supervisor or emailed to 

Per Session | Training Rate | Per Diem 
Per session and training rate time-sheets will be collected by facilitators for processing via our MFSC budget. Due to our limited budget this year, most PLOs will be paid training rate. 

Per Diem Schools can arrange for payment by scanning the timecard(s) and email the file to Sade Edwards ( and Jamila Jenkins ( with the below information in the body of the email.  Incorrect or incomplete information will delay processing of payment.

 PLO Title & Number (from confirmation email) School DBN - example 01M123
 PLO Date for Coverage Participant Full Name & File #  
 PLO Facilitator (from confirmation email) Per Diem Sub Full Name & File #  

Note: We cannot reimburse schools therefore do not pay the per diem then request funds. We can only pay per diem directly out of our budget. In addition, because of a reduced overall budget this year, we may request that certain schools with more flexible budgets use their own funding first.

MFSC Per Session Postings 2018-19
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