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Community School District 1 Overview

District Leadership
Superintendent - Carry Chan - CChan2@schools.nyc.gov
Superintendent's Liaison for Field Support - Bryan Glover - BGlover@schools.nyc.gov

District Office
PS20 - Anna Silver School
166 Essex Street, NY, NY 10002 | 212-353-2948

*** District 1 Website - http://www.district1nyc.com ***

District Goals
  • To improve student achievement by providing high quality instruction at all District 1 schools, so that parents’ choice is about pedagogic approach (e.g., dual language, multi-grade classes, etc.) and not varied student performance outcomes.
  • To provide tiered support to principals and assistant principals in order to foster collaboration and innovation among all District 1 school leaders.
Instructional Priorities
  • Improve unit and lesson planning to create curriculum coherence across Dual Language Schools 
  • Improve pedagogical practices in Domain 3 of the Danielson Framework for Teaching with particular emphasis on 3B, Using questioning and Discussion Techniques 
  • Develop a student-engaged assessment system that will allow teachers to assess student growth through a variety of formative assessments
MFSC-District Collaboration
  • New Teacher Institute / Labsites
  • Language Access Training
  • Guidance Counselor Rounds
  • District labsites / model teachers 
  • Special Ed / ELL Action Teams
  • PS15 STEM Make-a-thon
  • Math Collective
  • Consolidation strategic planning & implementation supports
  • Diversity pilot supports
  • Academic Policy training 
  • Business Services / Operations supports