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Community School District 2 Overview

Community School District Leadership
Superintendent - Donalda Chumney - DChumney@schools.nyc.gov
Superintendent's Liaison for Field Support - Mary Anne Sheppard - MSheppa3@schools.nyc.gov

Community School District Office
333 7th Ave 7th Floor NY, NY 10001
District Goals
  • To strengthen the District 2 professional learning community so that school leaders are supported, challenged, celebrated and provided with rich, robust professional learning opportunities.
  • To improve the average MoTP rating across the district for Component 3b – Questioning and Discussion Techniques and Component 3d – Assessment to strengthen questioning, discussion and assessment techniques.
  • To focus on curriculum, instruction and assessment practices in Grades 2 and 7 to ensure students acquire the pre-requisite skills to attain mastery.
  • To improve assessment practices and differentiate learning opportunities for all students, with a particular focus on Students with Disabilities, English Language Learners and high performing subgroups.
  • To provide additional opportunities for family engagement and strive for 90% of families attending at least one school and one district event during the school year.
Instructional Priorities 
  • Increasing Student Engagement in Mathematics (5 Practices) 
  • Essentials of a Highly Effective Literacy Program 
  • Implementing Integrated Co-Teaching 
  • Bilingual Special Educators Inquiry Learning Cycle 
  • Math Leaders PLC
  • Metamorphosis Principal & Teaching Learning Communities
  • Special education workshops for assistant principals
  • Participation in instructional rounds