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Community School District 3 Overview

Community School District Leadership
Superintendent - Christine Loughlin - clouhgl@schools.nyc.gov
Superintendent's Liaison for Field Support - Matthew Angell - MAngell@schools.nyc.gov

Community School District Office / Website
154 W. 93 St. New York, NY 10025
District Comprehensive Educational Plan Goals
  • Rigorous Instruction: District 3 Leadership team will support schools to ensure college and career readiness, as well as, significantly improve ELA and Math instruction, and Regents passing rate thereby working to close the achievement gap with Black, Hispanic, students with disabilities, Limited English Proficient and economically disadvantaged students. As a result, students in grades 3-8 who meet promotional criteria in June 2016 will increase together with high school graduation rate.
  • Supportive Environment: Schools in District 3 will make significant progress in continuing to foster a classroom and school culture where students feel safe, supported, and challenged by their teachers and peers resulting in effective of higher ratings in Quality Review indicators 1.4 and 3.4.
  • Collaborative Teachers: District 3 Leadership team will support schools to improve teaching strategies in mathematics, through collaborative practices, that result in the success and improvement of Math instruction and increase of math performance of all students by 2% on the 2016 New York State math assessments. 
  • Effective School Leadership: All principals and assistant principals will participate in monthly professional development leading to increase in effective leadership aligned with the Framework for Great Schools as measured by the Measures of Leadership Practice (MOLP) with a 5% average increase on Quality Review indicator 5.1.
  • Strong Family-Community Ties: There will be an increase in parent engagement within the district that supports home and school partnerships to ensure that every child in Community School District 3 in Kindergarten through grade 12 will understand the expectations, be prepared for the next grade level, as well as college and career ready, as measured through improved student achievement.