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Community School District 4 Overview

Community School District Leadership
Superintendent - Alexandra Estrella - AEstrel3@schools.nyc.gov
Superintendent's Liaison for Field Support - Heidi Pierovich - HPierovich@schools.nyc.gov

Community School District Office / Website
160 E. 120th St. Room 401
New York, NY 10035
District Comprehensive Educational Plan Goals
  • Rigorous Instruction: District 4 will support schools in improving pedagogy to ensure that that all students including English Language Learners and Students with Disabilities have access to high quality curriculum which embeds appropriate entry points, scaffolds and activities that improves student learning allowing all students to reach a minimum of 1yr growth and exceed learning targets as measured by NYS ELA, Math Scores, and NYSESLAT

    District | MFSC Collaboration: Self-Regulated Strategy Development for writing in third and fourth grade classrooms across the district that raised student writing levels. Throughout the cycle, teachers engaged in: self-assessment and monitoring of pedagogical practices within writing; engaging in an overview of the SRSD framework in writing; revealing the Process and Criteria for writing, understanding the purpose of a mnemonic based approach; utilizing exemplary writing and the role of mentor texts in writing instruction; color coding exemplar models to read with a writer’s eye to mimic craft; deepening knowledge of planning, revision, and editing; initiating Self-Regulation to enhance executive function skills within students; introducing Self-Talk; model Think Alouds of Self-Regulation; collaborative planning / writing / reading; tracking feedback and goals; norming teacher and student scoring utilizing scales and rubrics; and creating an effective system for peer feedback. 
  • Supportive Environment: 85% District 4 Schools will reduce their overall number of occurrences by implementing (i.e. PBIS, Restorative Crisis Intervention, and SBST) as measured by the OORS system.

    District | MFSC Collaboration: Student services team responded to crises in a timely manner and supported schools through recovery. Climate managers conducted walkthroughs to assess current climate and strategized improvement plans with school teams. District 4 staff participated in our first-ever conference for car-givers of Transgender students. 
  • Collaborative Teachers: District 4 will continue to provide and expand professional development opportunities for teachers to ensure that at least 50% of D4 schools in DDI engage in effective collaborative work (Data Driven Instruction) in order to provide all students with rigorous, engaging instruction that supports improved progress and performance for students in Math and ELA (reading, writing, listening and speaking) as measured by NYS ELA and Math assessments. Additional measurements include: Student writing portfolios, Superintendent PPOs, and Quality Review visits.

    District | MFSC Collaboration: Borough Instructional Leads facilitated a professional learning series for over 40 teachers across the district who learned and practiced the six models of co-teaching. Teachers had the opportunity to participate in labsite visits and also enjoyed a share-fair at the end of the series where they were able to celebrate the implementation of what they had learned. 
  • Effective School Leadership: District 4 will continue to support school leaders in developing effective systems and structures that provide teachers with researched-based instructional best practices that will lead to increased student outcomes and implementation of systems that address social-emotional health for all students.

    District | MFSC Collaboration: Business teams supported principals with budget, hiring, payroll and procurement. Deputies joined principals conferences to support learning and building structures to serve our special education and ELL students - from start-up to pedagogical support, to future planning using data. Academic Policy team provided timely data for each school to highly achievement trends, slippable / pushables, subgroup comparisons. 
  • Strong Family-Community Ties: District 4 will continue to provide opportunities to engage the school community in targeted professional development that enhance the systems and structures in order to support effective parent partnership, increasing student outcomes and preparedness for College and Career Readiness as measured by providing 25 – 30 District Wide parent professional development opportunities which are content area based and subsequently turn keyed at the school level by parent coordinators via monthly parent workshops. 

    District | MFSC Collaboration: Academic Policy lead facilitated a parent work-shop on promotion / graduation requirements. District students participated in Borough College Fair.