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Community School District 5 Overview

Community School District Leadership
Superintendent - Danika Rux - DRux@schools.nyc.gov
Superintendent's Liaison for Field Support - Mary Norwood - MNorwoo@schools.nyc.gov

Community School District Office
PS 36 Margaret Douglas Building
123 Morningside Drive
Unit 2 - Room 235
New York, New York 10027
(212) 222-0473 Ext. 2355

District Comprehensive Educational Plan Goals
  • Rigorous Instruction: District 5 schools will increase their performance by 3% in English language arts and mathematics as measured by Spring 2016 NYS ELA and math assessments.
  • Supportive Environment: The attendance at all schools, including the priority and focus schools in District 5, will increase by a minimum of 1% as a result of improvement in classroom and school culture where students feel safe, supported and challenged by their teachers and peers.
  • Collaborative Teachers: Through the enhancement of curricula aligned to the CCSS and the effective use of curriculum maps as well as regular analysis of data that drives instruction, collaborative teams will improve their instructional practices and the work of inquiry teams will result in closing the achievement gap for ELLs and SWDs with General Education students.
  • Effective School Leadership: District 5 leadership will provide thoughtful, focused, meaningful and actionable feedback resulting in a reduced rate between the district’s graduation rate and the college readiness index.
  • Strong Family-Community Ties: District 5’s Leadership Team (DLT) along with the School Leadership Teams (SLTs) will support a welcoming environment for families and to maximize community resources in order to make strides in closing the parental involvement gap between citywide response rate of 50% and the District parent response rates of 45% as evidenced by the June 2016 NYC School Survey results.