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Special Events 2017-18

Get READY for our Make-a-thon - 5/19/18
10a - 4p @ the Martin Luther King Campus

A fantastic day-long event that will feature: hands-on Maker activities facilitated by student makers; a Maker Ed Forum on creating maker spaces in school libraries; workshops on incorporating Maker projects in your curriculum; Book-a-Palooza; the MFSC Short Film Festival, and more. We hope you'll join us for this very special day of Making. Register via this link >  MFSC Make-a-thon 2018

Professional Learning Expo - 6/11/18
The Expo is for former, current and prospective participants of MFSC professional learning sessions. It will be a great opportunity to hear about practices developed and/or strengthened by the learning and sharing from PLOs, as well as how those practices impacted students or the school organization. The event will be organized as a gallery, with exhibitors discussing their achievements using visual examples/summaries of practices and results, as attendees walk around and absorb their offerings.  Click here for more information about attending or exhibiting > MFSC PL Expo 2018 .
Young Senecas Alliance
Founded October 2017

In 1848, over 200 women leaders spanning all ages gathered in Seneca Falls for the first women’s rights convention. Their legacy continues to have impact in our country and beyond. Building on this culture of women-led activism and the chancellor's vision for student empowerment, the MFSC will host a monthly forum for sophomore women from our schools who are identified by their principal or guidance counselor as demonstrating interest in civic engagement. In the monthly forum, our Young Senecas will explore various aspects of women’s rights; develop and practice concrete, authentic leadership skills; engage with anchor texts and role models from the DOE and other NYC agencies and affiliates. We will also make connections with women’s rights projects around the world. Over two years, our Young Senecas will have access to mentorships / internships, serve as role models for middle schools, engage with other youth empowerment groups in NYC, and lead in an election related civic engagement project that they will be able to highlight in their college applications.  Questions: Email Heather LaValle (HLavall@schools.nyc.gov

2018 Celebration of Service
On Monday 1/29, we joined divisional partners and superintendents to honor 60+ safety agents, crossing guards, secretaries, coordinators, school aides, paras, custodial staff, nurses, school foods workers ... Below are our honorees. Click on the "full screen" icon in the bottom tool bar for larger view. Photos will be available soon! 

Click here to view & download > MFSC Celebration of Exemplary Service 2018 Slides ; MFSC Celebration of Exemplary Service 2018 Photos . 
Introduction to Collaborative Problem Solving - 5/21/18
9a – 3p @ Harlem Renaissance Technology Center
PS125 Ralph Bunche Campus, 425 W123 St, NY NY 10027
This one-day training provides a foundation for educators to learn a revolutionary way to address and help children & adolescents with challenging behaviors. This program
will be led by Dr. J Stuart Ablon, Director of Think:Kids, Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, and co-creator of the Collaborative Problem Solving approach. In the same way that kids with learning disabilities struggle with thinking skills in areas like reading, writing or math, research has shown that behaviorally challenging kids lack thinking skills related to flexibility, frustration tolerance and problem solving. Think:Kids’ Collaborative Problem Solving approach teaches adults how to help kids through understanding that challenging kids lack the skill, not the will, to behave well. You will also hear from an MFSC principal who has integrated CPS school-wide.  Click here for more information & to register > https://tinyurl.com/ybztfvhu . Priority will be given to principals and assistant principals. Questions can be emailed to Stephanie Saunders - ssaunde2@schools.nyc.gov.  
Click here for a printable flier > MFSC CPS Flier

College Expo - 5/11/18
10a – 2p @ Manhattan Borough Hall 
1 Center Street (North Entrance), NY NY 10001
For the third year, we will welcome 11th grade and transfer school students to explore opportunities with public and private institutions of higher learning, as well as career pathways in the Department of Education and other organizations. Contact Heather LaValle (HLaVall@schools.nyc.gov) for more information and questions. A personal invitation has been sent to all MFSC college advisors. 
Click here to download a printable flier > MFSC College Expo 2018

2016-17 Community Events 
Paraprofessional Learning Day - Nov 2016 & Jun 2017
In workshops from “Increasing Academic Language for ELL Students” to “Conferencing with Students” to “Understanding and Preventing Bullying” facilitators from the Special Education team, Instructional Leads and the ELL Team hosted paraprofessionals from across Manhattan for a day of professional learning. Lead Team - Special Education

Election Day Training for Secretaries - November 2016
A variety of workshops addressed the needs of a diverse constituency - some brand new secretaries and others in their 30th year. Along with functional area refreshers, secretaries also enjoyed a Mindfulness workshop with our student services team; and ATS-based courses with Operations and APPA colleagues. Lead team - Business Services

Celebration of Service Personnel - December 2016
Luncheon celebration for non-pedagogical school-staff who embody our shared vision of the Supportive Environment component of the Chancellor’s Framework by exemplifying service in our schools. We are grateful to our partners from NYPD, DSF, School Foods, FACE, and OSYD for their vital support. Lead team - Operations

Manhattan Spelling Bee - January 2017
Over 100 spellers from MFSC schools attended and 10 students went on to represent the borough at the city-wide competition. The winning word of the National Spelling Bee was "marocain." Lead team - Administration 

Black History Month BSAC Book-Talk - February 2017
David Strachan, author of Playing the Game: Turning Personal Defeat into Aviation History visited our Borough Student Advisory Council to read from his book and share his experiences as an aviation pioneer. Lead team - Student Services

Girl Rising - March 2017 
MFSC staff organized a screening and discussion of Girl Rising, a documentary highlighting the stories of nine girls living in the developing world exploring the challenges they face while pursuing their dreams. This inspired an MFSC crew to support a Girls Empowerment project at one of our middle schools. Lead team - Teaching & Learning 

Book-a-palooza for STH - April & July 2017
In collaboration with our Facilities team and generous principals, we hosted a book drive that concluded with a full day event at the MFSC office for students and parents in temporary housing. Developmentally appropriate literacy activities engaged students by age-bands. Parents were enjoyed mindfulness exercises and practical guidance on supporting literacy development in their children. Special thanks to Principals Carlina Barton and Lisette Caesar for joining us; and STH Experts Iris Gersten and Bo Diaz for rallying the STH teams, and our friends at the NYPL for hosting activities alongside our teams. Lead team - Operations / Teaching & Learning / STH

MFSC Make-a-thon - April 2017 
As the culmination of a year-long collaboration with some of our district teachers, the MFSC Maker-team took over Tweed where student-led teams designed and built paper roller coasters that performed a variety of functions, including launching a cascade of paper chains into the rotunda. Special thanks to Elizabeth Kot for supporting this event. Lead team - Instructional Technology 

College & Career Expo - May 2017
The MFSC annual spring college and career expo welcomed juniors from across our schools to explore college and career options. Representatives from a variety of institutions attended, allowing students opportunities to ask questions and discover new opportunities. College Counselors had a chance to network with reps and each other. Lead team - Student Services

Manhattan Borough Arts Festival - June 2017
This annual showcase of student artwork was held across multiple locations. The Performing Arts Showcase was held in Harlem’s World Famous Apollo Theater while visual art was display at the Museum of Modern Art. Lead team - Arts / Administration

MBAF 2017 Performing Arts Showcase Sizzle @ Apollo

MFSC Professional Learning Expo - June 2017
The gallery style event featured exhibits that demonstrated how schools implemented their learning and what impact was observed. Participants and VIPs engaged with exhibitors to hear their stories, review resources and ask questions. Participants enjoyed connecting with colleagues from other MFSC schools. We were especially delighted to host the Chancellor and colleagues from central and superintendent teams. Click here to view the exhibits and learn more about our exhibitors > MFSC PL Expo 2017 Site.