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Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology
The MFSC Instructional Technology Director offers a range of support from School Web sites, G Suite, Maker Space Innovations, and more. This compilation of news, resources, and opportunities will draw from various sources. If you’re doing something new, inspiring, or just wonderful with instructional technology we want to know. Contact Lori Stahl-Van Brackle at to share or ask questions around instructional technology.

Call to Action Call to Action

In-School Instructional Tech PLO Request - Bringing the Learning to You

     This year's offerings for Instructional Technology PLOs for in-school PD is customizable to serve school needs. The list of possible workshops include:

*Google 101

*Google 201

*Google Classroom

*Building a School Web Site

*Class Web Site Design

*Student Documentation Through Digital Portfolios

*Maker Education 101

*3D Design

*Engaging ELLs Through Coding

*Exploring ISTE Standards

*Instructional Technology Tools

For more information go to the Instructional Tech PLO Request page. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Lori Stahl-Van Brackle at

  SPOC appointment on Galaxy
SPOC - Single Point of Action Logo
     This school year the position of SPOC became a designated appointment on Galaxy. If your school has not designated a SPOC, it is essential that you do so as soon as possible as the technical issues and support that SPOCs deal with are communicated directly to that individual.

The SPOC Program Information

Adding a SPOC in Galaxy

Manhattan SPOCs are encouraged to join the #NYSCSchools Manhattan SPOCs Facebook group. We will be hosting monthly Meet Ups "By Spocs For Spocs" throughout the borough. 

SPOC a Training in Manhattan
 The SPOC Team at DIIT have expanded their training dates and locations to include the Manhattan Field Support Office at 333 7th Avenue, as well as the other FSCs throughout the city. To learn more go to the Sandbox Spoc Training section (
The NYC DOE Web Site Overhaul and School Web Sites 

The NYC DOE Web site is undergoing an overhaul that will streamline accessing information. It also will end the portal pages that used to serve as School Web sites.

The importance of a School Web site has never been more apparent with the competition for students and the need to communicate with families through every means possible. There are several tools available to build a School site if you haven’t already tackled this. Google Sites, one of the free and easy tools that our own MFSC site is built on, will be featured in a June 2nd Google workshop.

We will also be offering workshops in site development that are not dependent on the tool you use to create your site. If you’d like more information or a helping hand, please contact Lori Stahl-Van Brackle.                                                                         

 Instructional Tech News

Summer of Learning

Teachers clocked in thousands of hours of professional learning over the summer in workshops, at the NYC Schools Tech Summit, and in PLOs offered through the MFSC and other Field Support Centers. Off the clock teachers read, prepared units and lesson plans, researched opportunities for their students and so much more. Here are some vacation photos.

The Tech Summit, as always, offered a great variety of workshops that teachers were willing to sit on the floor to attend.

Attendees to the Office 365 vs. G Suite Smack Down were treated to tales of success from both sides of the aisle.

MOUSE E-Textiles Workshop
DIIT's Innovation Partner Professional Development offerings included MOUSE's Sewable Tech PL featuring conductive thread, LEDs and creative minds.

Engaging ELLs Through Technology
 Crystal Oh and Mimi Tse from PS 130 Engaged in learning Scratch in order to develop language objectives for their students at "Engaging ELLs Through Technology."

Assistive Technology PLO Attendees
Attendees to the "Using Assistive Technology" PLO discussed ways in which they could leverage different technology to meet the needs of differently abled students.

Teachers Learning about AT
The folks from Assistive Technology brought tools and products designed to help students with reading, writing, mathematics and more.

Teachers Displaying What They Made
The MFSC Maker Educator Cohort proudly displayed their 3D Postcards made from resources from Material for the Arts.

Paul Godwin, Kelly Ho, and Jill Thomson from PS/IS 217 work together on developing their school's Web site during the "Building a School Web Site" PLO.


Opportunities Opportunities
 CUNY Interns - Stretching Your Tech Dollars

The DIIT and CUNY Intern program has been running for several years now to rave reviews. All schools need tech support, and relying on stretched thin faculty and staff doesn’t optimize your technology. CUNY Interns are an excellent, and low-cost, resource to help schools maintain their technology and assist in areas such as:

  • Setting up new computer equipment in classrooms and offices  
  • Installing software   
  • Troubleshooting hardware and software problems in conjunction with DOE Help Center and borough technology staff  
  • Configuring wireless devices to access DOE network   
  • Maintaining technology equipment inventory  
  • Monitoring equipment and working with Help Center to ensure timely repair 
  • Providing assistance in use of technology equipment 
  • Coordinating with MOUSE Squad, if applicable 

For more information on the CUNY Intern program and to apply read “Becoming a participating school in CUNY Internship Programs.”

CUNY Internship Program
World Maker Faire 

Maker Faire 2017 Logo

Maker Faire is the world's greatest show and tell and you will want to check it out. Tickets are available with educators getting a discount of 15%. However, if you want to go beyond Maker Faire, on Friday, September 22 Maker Ed is hosting it's third Annual Make: Education Forum. 

For more information on Maker Faire go to Maker Faire NY.

For information the Make: Education Forum go to Make: Education Forum @ Maker Faire.

We hope to see you there!

New York Hall of Science Maker Faire

Instructional Technology Resources Instructional Tech Resources

ISTE Standards

The 2016 ISTE Standards help educators align their use of technology with powerful standards that help drive instruction.


 Maker Space Resources

If you’re looking for hands-on Making projects the Instructable site is a great resource. They’ve compiled 100 STEAM Projects for teachers to use with students, there’s sure to be something that sparks your interest.

Do you have any great resources you can share?
Email Lori Stahl-Van Brackle at

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