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Special Education

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Special Education Team at the Manhattan Borough Office is to promote equity and achievement for students with disabilities through collaboration with school communities. Through our support of school leaders, students, families, and community members, we will cultivate knowledge and skills in the area of special education to ensure that students’ needs are met with thoughtfulness and integrity.

The Special Education Team, comprised of Administrators of Special Education (ASE); Specialized Student Support Leads (SSSL); Related Services Associates; and a Special Education Community Support Coordinator, provides a wide array of support for school communities via strategic guidance; on-demand assistance; trouble-shooting/problem-solving; progress monitoring; policy training, clarification, and implementation recommendations; deepening content-area expertise; strengthening pedagogical practice in classrooms; and nurturing leadership development in school-based educators.

Please see the pages below for our team's Special Education Resources.

Every school is expected to review a total of 8 IEPs for this school year:

 November 15, 2019 Every school reviews 2 IEPs February 7, 2020 Every school reviews 2 IEPs April 17, 2020 Every school reviews 2 IEPs June 19, 2020 Every school reviews 2 IEPs Total: every school reviews 8 IEPs


Special Education Resources