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  • Ben Schott,  Director of Special Education, leads the MFSC team of ASEs, SSSLs and Related Services Compliance Associates.
  • Administrator of Special Education (ASE) provides support to schools to ensure that special education services are being provided in a timely and appropriate manner to students.
  • Specialized Student Support Leads (SSSL) are special education instructional experts.
  • Related Service Compliance Associate and Coordinator assists with generating P4s for missed SETSS services, generates RSAs (Related Service Authorizations) and assist with finding contracted Related Services Providers for schools. 
  • Mandated Counseling Compliance Coordinator is the borough point person to ensure that IEP mandated counseling is being provided to students and that counselors understand how to encounter attendance.
  • Supervisor of Psychology assists in the effective and efficient functioning of the IEP Teams, including but not limited to assisting the school principal in the supervision of assessment teams, time management, and compliance with all mandates, assisting individual staff members in improving performance, evaluating the quality of assessments conducted by assessment professionals and the resulting written reports, collaborating with principals and administrators to support assessment personnel at the school level.
  • Supervisors of Speech Providers assist in the effective and efficient functioning of Speech Therapists. They conduct formal and informal observations of Speech Therapists, assist individual staff members in improving performance; facilitate the assignment of DOE Speech Therapists. They contract out speech services with contracted vendors in the absence of availability of regular department staff.
  • Supervisors of Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Vision, and Hearing Educational Services serve in similar capacities to that of the Supervisors of Psychology and Speech Therapists.
  • The Center for Assistive Technology fills purchase orders for IEP mandated Assistive Technology.