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School Climate

The School Climate team supports schools to build positive school climates and cultures, and promote the use of restorative practices, social emotional learning, progressive discipline, respect for diversity, and culturally responsive programs.

Progressive Discipline and Restorative Approaches Resources:

·         Click here for the Citywide Behavioral Expectations to Support Student Learning: Student Intervention and Discipline Code and Bill of Student Rights and Responsibilities, K-12

·         Progressive Ladder of Support and Disciplinary Responses (DOE login required)

Respect for All (RFA)/Cyberbullying Resources:

·         This link includes general information about Respect for All, New York City’s policy around RFA, family and student resources, and educator resources

·         This is a link to additional resources in the Respect for All page in the Principals’ Portal (DOE login required)

School Climate and Culture Resources for Safe and Orderly Schools:

·         School Climate and Culture Overview- including factors affecting school culture and key questions to ask when examining these factors (DOE login required)

Transgender Student Guidelines:

·         These guidelines are designed to provide direction for schools to address issues that may arise concerning the needs of transgender students

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Resources:

  • This link includes general Social Emotional Learning SEL resources for schools.  (DOE login required)